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The snubnose revolver is an excellent option for personal defense, especially with the right ammunition. Discover the best option for you.

Taurus 5-Shot Revolvers – The Model 85 and Others

  • Small Rifle Primer Performance in the 308 ‘Palma’ Case. We published a report on Large Rifle Primer (LRP) 308 Winchester performance in TS just over two years ago and promised a follow-up using Lapua ‘Palma’ brass and.
  • The Cost of Handloading vs. Match Ammo. I regularly get asked by friends, family, and readers for rifle and cartridge recommendations. The answer depends on many factors, but it’s happened so.
  • Reloading Dangerous Game Cartridges: Life in the .40s. Reloaded ammunition is just as reliable as factory ammo when facing dangerous game, assuming you have put in your time at the bench and shooting range to.
  • Match Grade .22 Ammunition - The Shooter's Log I am enthusiastic concerning this load. A good rule on ammunition selection I considered when firing this new loading is that just about anything is OK at 25 yards.
  • Charter Arms Pitbull .45 ACP Review – rifleshooter.com The Charter Arms Pitbull .45 ACP: Big Boy is in the House. We don’t do very many handgun reviews here at rifleshooter.com, despite the fact that some of.
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