Fire and Blood April 25, 2018 300 Years before A Game of Thrones, Dragons Ruled Westeros. A new book by George R. R. Martin will be released in.

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  • News - Subterranean Press Home page Announcing Virtue Signaling and Other Heresies by John Scalzi. September 13th . Today marks the twentieth anniversary of our pal John Scalzi's Whatever, and we're.
  • Wild Cards News | George R.R. Martin Category Archives: Wild Cards News MISSISSIPPI ROLL RELEASED December 6, 2017 The 24th installment of the Wildcards mosaic anthologies was released.
  • Wild Cards - The Guide to George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards. Wild Cards - The online guide to George RR Martin's Wild Cards series. Want to know how it all started? What each book is about? Who the main characters are? Chances.
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