Observer Book British Steam Locomotives Warne 1974 H C Casserley

44 schweizerische Volks- und Vaterlandslieder für Schule und Haus für zwei Stimmen mit ganz leichter Klavierbegleitung ad libitum. Hrsg. C. Atttenhofer.

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  • List of British Rail modern traction locomotive classes. Diesel locomotives. The 1955 diesel locomotive classes are given in brackets where applicable. A large number of different shunter types were purchased by British.
  • Batterdale Books - Latest Arrivals Holcroft H Locomotive Adventure: Fifty Years with Steam, IA, 1962, pp216, pp33 of plates, and two folding section plans of locomotives in the rear.
  • Books relating to steam locomotive development & railways. Authorhip of sources of information about steam locomotive development mainly that in books. Bibliography
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