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Nancy Drew fans will enjoy The Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website, which is devoted to the Sleuth, her books, and her timeless quality that endures throughout the ages.

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  • Nancy Drew 40: the Moonstone Castle Mystery Hardcover. Nancy Drew 40: the Moonstone Castle Mystery [Carolyn Keene] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Nancy Drew receives a valuable moonstone as a.
  • Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Series Books for Girls Nancy Drew, Girl Detective, 2004 to 2012: 1. Without a Trace, 2004 2. A Race Against Time, 2004 3. False Notes, 2004 4. High Risk, 2004 5.
  • The Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Collection: Sleepover. It’s five times the mysteries—and five time the fun—with this paperback boxed set of the first five books in the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series!
  • Nancy Drew - Wikipedia Nancy Drew is a fictional character sleuth in an American mystery series created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer as the female counterpart to his Hardy Boys series.
  • List of Nancy Drew books - Wikipedia Simon & Schuster. In 1979, the Nancy Drew books began to be published by Wanderer Books Simon & Schuster in paperback format. Though formatted differently from the.
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