Waiting for Buddy Guy Chicago Blues at the Crossroads Music in American Life

Blues Unlimited: Essential Interviews from the Original Blues Magazine (Music in American Life) [Bill Greensmith, Mark Camarigg, Mike Rowe, Tony Russell] on Amazon.

Blues Unlimited: Essential Interviews from the Original.

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  • Playlisten - Blues und Folk Blues und Folk. im Hamburger Lokalradio . Sendung 21.10.2018. Sean Chambers, Welcome to my blues. Sean Chambers, Black eyed Suzie. Sean Chambers, One more night zu ride
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  • Eric Clapton – Wikipedia Eric Patrick Clapton, genannt „Slowhand“, CBE (* 30. März 1945 in Ripley, Borough of Guildford, England), ist ein britischer Blues- und Rock-Gitarrist und -Sänger.
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  • Eric Clapton - Wikipedia In October 1963, Clapton joined the Yardbirds, a blues-influenced rock and roll band, and stayed with them until March 1965. Synthesising influences from Chicago.
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